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Imohux posted a thread wondering what the story of the Chomp Bus was. With Soyer's gnarly teeth paint job on the front end it's understandable why the name was mistaken. Perhaps this an opportunity to get into the mobile dentistry business, but we'll need to watch out for speed bumps. Shout out to Hot Caxe for being mentioned and thanks to Darryl for finding the discussion on tha intarwebz!

Reddit thread Photo by imohux
Posted: Mon 1st Oct 2012 12:31 pm



Week ?: Boom Back Baby

Week ?: Boom Back Baby

Bored out the enclosure and installed ICBMs. Dual voice, 1000W of road thunder.
Posted: Mon 11th Apr 2011 10:11 pm
Week 56

Week 56 - ?: Whoa! Um...

So many things have been altered, destroyed, removed, replaced, modified, redestroyed...
Posted: Mon 11th Oct 2010 09:31 pm | More ›
Week 55

Week 55

We finally got a chance to build a custom sealed box for the two 12" Rockford Fostgate subs.
Posted: Mon 5th Jul 2010 06:51 pm | More ›