Blaze Kik

Blaze dicovered the sounds of electronic music at the age of 8 right before his parents decided to jump continents in their journey for a better life. A cassette tape was gifted to him containing a mix of catchy techno beats and classical music blended together to create a soundscape that later influenced his true passion.

At the age of 17, Blaze was introduced to the Vancouver rave scene by his friends and witnessed his first live DJ set. The moment he saw and heard the mix of two different records together he knew that was it. Soon after he aquired his first set of turntables, a mixer and headphones and started to mix records for himself.

After collecting a lot of vinyl and spending countless hours of practicing the art of mixing, Blaze was picked up by a local underground production company and started playing at local clubs, warehouse and outdoor parties. He then started his own production company named Sound Funktion Productions which organized small underground raves and took part in the annual massive Apex Project series. Read more.


box Dust Off
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Saturday, Oct 1, 2011
Can Am Importique
Lake City Studios


Whompbus "Blaze always delivers the deadliest wobble music at our mobile-live events."
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